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Beervana: Feast Your Eyes on Portland

When picking a vacation destination, most travelers look for the warmest climate and the whitest sand. However, for the best travel experience, you have to look further than the beach. Take a look at Portland, Oregon. Although Portland may not be a tropical destination, this metropolitan city is surprisingly filled with nature parks, great food, and lots of beer. With a mellow, yet vibrant atmosphere, this city hotspot attracts a quirky crowd that is young at heart.  Known to locals as "Beervana",

Seattle Drinks You Don’t Want to Miss

Seattle is a city that knows how to make good beverages. Since some of the area's best cafes, breweries, vineyards, and bars are located in different neighborhoods, you may want to choose hotels in Seattle based on the places you want to visit most. It also helps to spread out your Seattle drinks over the day. Start with a cup of coffee, have a beer in the afternoon, and maybe finish with cocktails after dinner. There's too much to enjoy in a day or two, but a little planning can help you fit

The Top Eats in Houston: Southern Specialties You Must Try

Houston’s prime attractions include as many restaurants as museums. If you’re in town for a taste of the local highlights, you can’t miss these favorite picks. Such popular restaurants often have big menus, so make a note to order these particular dishes so you can get a bite of the top eats in Houston. Crispy Thai Shrimp at Davis St. Hermann Park   Photo by H via Open less than three months prior to the competition, Davis St. Hermann Park made a big impression

Hidden Gems to Explore in Sacramento, CA

There are many awesome events and places to check out when you're in Sacramento, CA that everyone tells you about. Then there are the hidden, off-the-path places you need to check out. Here are six places in Sacramento hidden from tourists and the nearest hotels in Sacramento to make your travel experience easier. Image via Flickr by kla4067 The Kitchen What stands out at this popular restaurant is the fact that you won't know it's there. Since there is no name anywhere on the building, if

The Kowloon Market Trail: A Feast for the Senses

The lively markets of Kowloon are one of the most intriguing attractions on this Hong Kong peninsula. Certainly these stops offer the most authentic view of Kowloon culture, with overflowing stalls offering everything from jewelry to fish. Mingle with locals and take in the vibrant flavor of Hong Kong as you explore this market trail. Jade Market Packed with around 400 stalls, the Jade Market features pendants, rings, bracelets, and more made from this coveted material. Jade is highly prized