Best Heating Solutions For Winter

When the cold weather comes in there is very much a temptation to crank the central heating up to the max and hunker down inside. Unfortunately, whilst this is certainly going to help you to keep the cold at bay, the energy costs and usage associated with doing this are high. This is going to hit you in the pocket and use far more energy than we should.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning there is nothing wrong with using it from time to time, but using other solutions we can reduce the amount of energy which we use during the winter, and here is how to trim down those costs.

Using a Thermostat

A thermostat connected to your ducted heating system will ensure that you only use the heating when it is necessary. There is no point in heating a home which won’t be used, and you can set timers to get the most out of your heating. Setting the heating to come on an hour before you wake up for example, or an hour before you get home, will maximize your heating use without using too much energy.

Using Nature

When the sun goes down, closing your curtains by each window will help to prevent any draft from coming in. During the day however we should be doing all that we can to let the sun’s heat into the home, so opening up those curtains and blinds will be a smart move. Those sun beams, even on a cold day, can provide warmth to the home.

Sealing Your Property

Many homes don’t do a good enough of making sure that the home is properly sealed ahead of the cold winter months. Caulking around the windows will close up those gaps and make sure that no cold air comes in. More importantly you can ensure that when the central heating is on, that hot air is not pouring out of the home.

Isolate Radiators

If there are rooms in the home which are not often used, there is no point in having the radiators switched on. The ducted heating system has the benefit of being able to zone off areas, and this will make sure that the heating which you are using is much more efficient.

Using Extra Clothes

If you are alone at home and you are feeling the cold, adding an extra sweater or using a blanket could be enough to warm you up. The temptation of course is to switch the heating on, but in reality this is not always required.

Keeping Doors Closed

Once the heating is turned off, the key is making sure that the hot air stays inside the home. This is why something as simple as making sure that doors are closed, is good practice for keeping a warm home. Consider the energy which you have used to heat the home as valuable, and treat the warm air as such.

There is nothing wrong with using your central heating, after all that’s what it is there for, but there are many steps which you can take to ensure that the usage is efficient.