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Breaking Down Britains’ Costliest Cities to Own a Car

Do you know where the cheapest place is in Britain to own a car? If not then this is will be a real eye-opener for you, as we have a comprehensive list of which UK city is the lowest and highest priced place to own and run a car. The information has been provided by car servicing company Kwik-Fit as part of their #UKCarCosts campaign, and they have unearthed some pretty interesting information about the varying costs associated with car ownership throughout the nation. Factors There are many

Top 3 Pieces of Scooter Riding Gear

When it comes to aftermarket mods for motorcycles and scooters, riders typically look for increased airflow and better performing tires, but what about storage? Also, while modifications and improved tech might be great for the bike itself, what are you doing for you as the rider and the owner. The best scooter riding gear is not necessarily an improvement on the ride itself, but instead practical pieces and elements that improve the overall experience. Therefore, when considering the top three

What to know about buying tyres

For most people, buying new tyres for their car is a confusing business. Most people have no idea which tyres are best suited for their particular vehicle, and that means they often make a poor choice when it comes to equipping a new set. Lots of drivers are guilty of letting the price of a new set of tyres dictate their choice, but there are more important considerations such as fuel efficiency, grip and noise. Do some research The first thing to do is to check your vehicle's user manual

What are the benefits/disadvantages of all-electric cars?

As the climate change crisis unfolds in terrifying slow motion, it is increasingly obvious that if the climate change problem is to be solved, ordinary citizens need to stop waiting for their government to do something, and take massive action themselves. While there are some aspects of fossil fuel emissions that will need an act of congress or parliament to change, most inputs could be dramatically reduced tomorrow if we changed our habits, actions and spending habits in favour of green or greener