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The Top Reasons why Playing Online Games is a Great Way to Spend Your Time

There are plenty of reasons to go outside, take a walk, talk to your neighbour, or jog a mile. Any of those activities are good for you. But it’s not always possible. Weather, schedule, or private time allotments aside, there are plenty of reasons why playing online games like soccer are good for you as well. In fact, researchers have studied the effects of online gaming and have come to some interesting conclusions. It’s actually healthy. It shouldn’t really be surprising: we are only beginning

How slot machines have evolved over time

If you have spent an evening in a casino recently, you'll know that the most dominant game in terms of availability, and excitement that surrounds it is none other than the slot machine. Being a fixture in these establishments for over a century, they have seen many forms over their life. Want to know how slot machines have evolved over time? This post outlines how they have gone from a humble three reel contraption to the complex but endlessly fun experience they are today. Origins of