The Top Reasons why Playing Online Games is a Great Way to Spend Your Time

There are plenty of reasons to go outside, take a walk, talk to your neighbour, or jog a mile. Any of those activities are good for you. But it’s not always possible. Weather, schedule, or private time allotments aside, there are plenty of reasons why playing online games like soccer are good for you as well. In fact, researchers have studied the effects of online gaming and have come to some interesting conclusions. It’s actually healthy. It shouldn’t really be surprising: we are only beginning to discover the mysterious phenomenon of being connected to the whole world in business and pleasure. Here are the top reasons why playing online games is a great way to spend your time.

It’s a game

It’s fun. It has great entertainment value – and just like other forms of entertainment, it allows us to put all other thoughts aside and focus on rest and play. The excitement that comes from play is happy and positive, and actually activates part of our brain that gives us pleasure and satisfaction. Research has proven that there are medical benefits: it improves memory and alertness, and gamers recover faster from illness or accidents than non-gamers.


Playing Online Games like soccer can be fun

That’s right, you play whenever you want to, wherever you want to, and that makes a big difference. Since you are connected online and since the sun is always shining in some part of the world, there is constantly someone online to match your skills against. Often you make the most interesting acquaintances and friends at odd hours.

Connect to the world

It’s important to recognise that you are connected to the world and can socialise with people of different ages, different backgrounds, different cultures, different religions, political beliefs, and so on. It’s an immense eye opener and a great miracle of the age. You can chat and play with anyone you like. Make sure you read the chat room rules and observe universal Internet decorum, though.

Social interaction

No man is an island, and we need to interact. With online games, even variations such as virtual soccer where you can actually earn money, we are connected to someone, in some form or another, all the time. The truly great thing: you have control.

And lest you forget: the satisfaction you get from communicating with the world in play is experienced right at the comfort of your own home, in your own comfortable nook where snacks and other necessities are but an arm’s length away. By the way, for those who have recently undergone an illness or accident that required recovery: online gaming has positive effects on mood, fighting boredom, and relieving stress. Doctors have found a direct correlation between people who game online and their recovery period versus those who don’t play. Gamers heal faster.

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