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Becoming the Most Popular Person in Oslo Overnight!

You've busted your hump in undergrad and now you're looking to take your skill set to a new level. Grad school is on your horizon, but where to go? How about international! BI Norwegian Business School has created one of the coolest PR campaigns ever done to attract new foreign, qualified applicants and they're planning to select one lucky student to essentially be the "king" or "queen" of Oslo, really! Watch this video to learn more: Imagine literally being known by everyone

The Top Five Uses for Shipping Containers in Schools

If you visit an inner-city school anywhere in the world, one of the most common problems is a lack of space for storage, or expansion. Many schools all over the world are utilizing shipping containers for a variety of different reasons to help them to store their equipment, and even teach their pupils. Shipping containers can be put to a wide variety of different uses, other than just transporting cargo! Shipping Container Classrooms You can find shipping container for hire in Melbourne, as