The Top Five Uses for Shipping Containers in Schools

If you visit an inner-city school anywhere in the world, one of the most common problems is a lack of space for storage, or expansion. Many schools all over the world are utilizing shipping containers for a variety of different reasons to help them to store their equipment, and even teach their pupils. Shipping containers can be put to a wide variety of different uses, other than just transporting cargo!

Shipping Containers in Schools and their Many Uses

Shipping Container Classrooms

You can find shipping container for hire in Melbourne, as well as the rest of Australia, very easily. But if you are looking to convert a shipping container into a classroom, you may need to think about purchasing one rather than hiring. Overcrowding in schools is a common problem the world over, and shipping containers can be converted to make excellent emergency classrooms. They are also much cheaper than portable cabins, and can also be transported and set in place very easily. You can connect the shipping containers together, so you can easily create a large classroom. Windows and doors can also be easily added which will make the classroom much more appealing.

After School Clubs

Most schools run activities out of normal school hours for their students. For some families this is great as both parents work, so there is not always someone to look after them at home, and childcare is very expensive. Most schools utilise their existing classrooms for these activities, which can inconvenience the janitors, as they may have to work later in order to clean the rooms properly. So setting up a dedicated room for activities may just be the perfect solution, which also does not cost the earth. A shipping container could be transformed into a place suitable for many different activities;

  • Chess Club

  • Math Club

  • School Newspaper

  • Foreign Language Club

  • Computer Club

Physical Education Storage

Physical Education, also known as PE, is one subject where there can be a lot of equipment that needs to be moved around, as well as stored. Instead of having to carry all of the equipment to the sports field each lesson, you can have a shipping container to use a secure storage for the equipment. With the shipping container located close to the sports field, less time is required to set up each lesson. As the equipment is close at hand, and you will also not need to stop as early to pack everything away. Whatever the sport is, you can store the equipment safely and securely, and lock it away in a shipping container.

General Storage Facilities

Shipping containers are also a great means for storage of all different types of equipment that you can find in a school. You can store additional chairs and tables that may only get used once a year for exams, or maybe even office and stationary supplies when you purchase them in bulk. Almost anything that you can stack up can be stored in a shipping container securely, ready for use whenever you need it.

Workshop Project

Another good idea is to use a shipping container as a workshop project for the students. They can design and build a classroom or meeting room, or anything else that they can think of while at the same time learning valuable skills. Using a shipping container as a class project is a hands-on way of giving students practical experience, while at the same time giving the school extra facilities that they require. There is a host of different things that you can do with a shipping container in a school, what would you do?