Beervana: Feast Your Eyes on Portland

When picking a vacation destination, most travelers look for the warmest climate and the whitest sand. However, for the best travel experience, you have to look further than the beach. Take a look at Portland, Oregon. Although Portland may not be a tropical destination, this metropolitan city is surprisingly filled with nature parks, great food, and lots of beer. With a mellow, yet vibrant atmosphere, this city hotspot attracts a quirky crowd that is young at heart. 

Known to locals as “Beervana”, the city of Portland is home to 56 breweries, more than any other city in the world. The city is filled with locally made stouts and IPAs, making it impossible to taste them all in one trip. Portland takes advantage of its avid bike scene and beautiful location, allowing you to enjoy these unique brews while taking in the natural beauty of the city. There are constantly numerous beer festivals and tastings, along with many other unique tours and events, so it is important to look into each one so you can plan your trip itinerary. And with so many lavish hotels in Portland, you will never be too far from the next great event.

When in Portland (affectionately known as Beervana by many locals), take the opportunity to taste many of the local brews

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Riverside Brewing

While Portland locals love their beer, they also appreciate the natural beauty surrounding their metropolitan city. So why not brew beer right on the river? A few local brewers asked the same question, and decided that this was a perfect idea. Opened in 2012, the Pfriem’s decided to give it a go. John Pfriem set up shop along the banks of the Columbia River to give locals a taste of his original Belgium-style beers. Pfriem Family Brewers has become a popular new brewpub featuring these Belguim-style beers and homestyle favorites like pork schnitzel and potato salad.

While enjoying the flavors of the brewpub, guests have the choice to sit inside and enjoy the view through the glass or to get a closer look. Outdoor benches line the banks of the river, displaying the cliffs and waterfalls of the Columbia.

Brew ‘N’ View Theater

The classic activity for a rainy day: go to the movies, but Portland dialed it up a notch. The signature “brew ‘n’ view” theaters in Portland are similar to a dinner theater, but so much better, and are a “must-see” on your trip. These funky little movie theaters serve up not only a movie, but pizza and beer as well.

At the Living Room Theaters, you can see a new indie or foreign film and enjoy your favorite local brew with a gourmet meal. Some other “brew ‘n’ view” theaters to visit include the Laurelhurst Theater, the Academy Theater, and the McMenamin’s theater-pubs, which all feature newer films and classics, and satisfy you with the taste of fresh pizza.

Bike and Beer Events

Portland combines their love of nature with their love of beer by hosting many bike and beer events. The Handmade Bike and Beer Festival is a local favorite. This festival features two of Oregon’s favorites: Oktoberfest and the Oregon Handmade Bike Show. Locals and travelers can enjoy locally brewed beer from Hopworks Urban Brewery and gaze upon custom-made bicycles from all over Oregon. Also, enjoy live music and a bunch of locally made food.

One of the town favorites is the BrewCycle BrewPub crawl. The BrewCycle is basically a fifteen seat oval bicycle, equipped with speakers, a bar counter, and pedals for everyone. Guests hop aboard the BrewCycle and pedal their way to three popular breweries in the heart of the Pearl District.

So all of this sounds pretty fantastic and you are ready to plan a trip to Portland, Oregon, but you need to find a place to stay. Not only are the sights and scenes of the city beautiful, but also the hotels. With a wide range of prices to accommodate all different types of travelers, the hotels in Portland offer a luxurious stay.

The Nines

Located right in the heart of downtown, The Nines treats their guests like royalty. With 24-hour services such as airport transportation, valet parking, and dry cleaning, guests can plan their itinerary however they’d like. Starting at $189/night, this stay is worth the splurge. Guests live to the nines and enjoy the absolutely stunning architecture and decor. The Nines is right near Pioneer Courtyard Square, allowing guests to shop to their heart’s content.

The Heathman Hotel

With a perfect location in the center of downtown, guests are just walking distance from entertainment venues like Portland Center Stage and the Portland Art Museum. Right around the corner are shops, boutiques, and restaurants. With its swanky and lavish decor, The Heathman Hotel provides upscale comfort starting at $143/night, which includes complimentary wine tastings, a lending library, and a modern art collection. Don’t forget to bring your pup on this trip, because The Heathman allows them to enjoy a lavish stay as well.

Embassy Suites Portland Airport

The Embassy Suites provides guests with a classic and beautiful stay. Conveniently take only a five-minute drive to and from the airport so that you can enjoy Portland for as long as possible. At the Embassy Suites Portland Airport, guests are treated to a complimentary breakfast, and each room includes a coffee maker, mini-fridge, and microwave. Don’t forget to stop by the indoor pool and spa or the 24-hour fitness center. Starting at only $104/night, this is one of the cheapest accommodations in Portland, allowing you to spend the extra cash elsewhere.

When looking to plan your next getaway, visit Portland, Oregon. Everything is made locally, like the beer, food, and the bikes, giving Portland a distinct flair. Visitors won’t have enough time in one trip to visit all 56 breweries and explore all the festivals and tours, so it’s important to plan your itinerary wisely. With so many beers to choose from, try to taste them all! Comment below and share your favorite Portland brew.