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Hidden Gems to Explore in Sacramento, CA

There are many awesome events and places to check out when you're in Sacramento, CA that everyone tells you about. Then there are the hidden, off-the-path places you need to check out. Here are six places in Sacramento hidden from tourists and the nearest hotels in Sacramento to make your travel experience easier. Image via Flickr by kla4067 The Kitchen What stands out at this popular restaurant is the fact that you won't know it's there. Since there is no name anywhere on the building, if

Fun Places to Visit in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a unique city located in the Sonoran Desert. Arizona has many warm days, which accommodates various outdoor activities. If the heat doesn't bother you, visit Arizona during the summer months. Arizona's average temperature is about 73 degrees. If you are traveling to Scottsdale, make sure to experience its unique venues and attractions. Scottsdale is next to Phoenix, allowing tourists to easily explore all that the two cities have to offer. Be sure to check out the following

I Heart New England: One-of-a-Kind Choosings for the Impassioned Traveler

  I love New England – its majestic snow-covered peaks and mouth-watering clam chowder; its spring blossoms and cobblestone paths; its lively summer farmer's markets and joyful festivals; its fall foliage that sets the countryside aflame with color. No matter the season, the six states that helped birth America have an idyllic charm that demands a kind of fairytale fascination. From vibrant to romantic and stately to quaint, New England offers decided jewels for the impassioned traveler.

Ancient Roman Temple Discovered in Miami!

How did an ancient Roman building appear in Miami? Miami, FL - An ancient structure was just discovered behind the Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami, and it appears to have many classical Roman characteristics. While the news is mind-boggling enough that the stone building was unearthed in the heart of urban Miami, what is harder to believe  is the fact that the Vikings might not have been the first Europeans to discover the Americas. This find will change everything we know about modern