Ancient Roman Temple Discovered in Miami!

Ancient Roman Building in Miami

How did an ancient Roman building appear in Miami?

Miami, FL – An ancient structure was just discovered behind the Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami, and it appears to have many classical Roman characteristics.

While the news is mind-boggling enough that the stone building was unearthed in the heart of urban Miami, what is harder to believe  is the fact that the Vikings might not have been the first Europeans to discover the Americas. This find will change everything we know about modern history if it can be dated and identified to truly be Roman.

New Condo Building Leads to Discovery

The ruins were uncovered after a construction crew began digging the foundation for a new condo tower in the heart of Downtown Miami behind the historic Olympia Theater. After the construction crew began digging, they discovered a few strangely arranged coral stone rocks. The foreman noticed that the flat circular stones  appeared to be the tops of man-made columns, set into rows and in an orderly pattern. The city of Miami then quickly halted  construction.


This news comes in just after an ancient Tequesta Native American village was discovered half a mile away at the mouth of the Miami River which appears, from preliminary dating, to be around the same age as the newly discovered ruins behind the Olympia Theater.

Historians, Archeologists and Scholars the world over are currently pouring into Miami to aid in the identification effort in which at current, is fully underway. Some additional artifacts have also been discovered including bronze hand tools that after preliminary field testing, seem to contain traces of the same iron found in the hills outside of Rome.

A historian from the National Archaeological Museum of Perugia in Italy informed our team that there are documented stories that after Western Rome collapsed at the end of the 5th century AD that many people fled the Italian peninsula. Eastern Rome was established in Constantinople (modern day Istanbul, Turkey), but many people sailed westward including a large flotilla of ships that was apparently lost at sea after a large storm.

What Next?

If the structure is in fact roman, could the Tequestas and lost Romans have co-existed, maybe even intermarried? Did the Romans stay in America? There are many questions that still need to be investigated, but the news is truly ground breaking.

Check back in to for future developments.