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The Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Over the years, you have made multiple attempts to lose the spare tire hanging sadly around your waistline, only to fall short after a tough week at work, taking a holiday that disrupts your routine, or after hurting yourself by trying to do too much too fast. Maybe the fact that many of your workouts contain monotonous activities that could be considered inspiring also plays a role, but the salient issue is this: the state you are in has to change, as you've lost your mojo in the bedroom, your

If I exercise at a lower intensity, will I burn more fat?

Anyone who has been in a gym within the past 25 years has seen it. You know, that little easy-to-read chart on every piece of cardio equipment with the perfectly linear trend line showing the progression of heart rate to your exercise, “stage”. Many of these visual aids like to display that when your heart rate reaches 120-150 beats/minute that you are in the, “maximum fat burning zone”. Although it’s true that you’re predominantly burning more fat over other fuel sources like

Awesome Sports You Have Probably Never Tried

Growing up, most of us that were active were raised on more or less the same sports. Baseball, soccer, basketball and in parts of the country closer to Canada, hockey have dominated our lives from the times that we could barely walk, straight up to the highly competitive glory days of high school. Though you have continued to play, watch and enjoy these sports since then, the evolutionary effect of time has created some very curious athletic activities.  Being wrapped up in the mainstream sports