Awesome Sports You Have Probably Never Tried

Crossfit are one of the emerging sports that are taking the world by storm!

Growing up, most of us that were active were raised on more or less the same sports. Baseball, soccer, basketball and in parts of the country closer to Canada, hockey have dominated our lives from the times that we could barely walk, straight up to the highly competitive glory days of high school.

Though you have continued to play, watch and enjoy these sports since then, the evolutionary effect of time has created some very curious athletic activities.  Being wrapped up in the mainstream sports bubble, it is hard at times to realize that these sports exist, but by stepping outside of the usual, you will find that these new disciplines will tempt to take them up and master them.

In this post, we will profile four emerging sports that the athletic person looking to try something new will gain a great deal of joy from tackling them.

Kite Surfing

Harnessing the power of the wind to fuel an exhilarating ride across a wave-filled sea, kite surfing is a wild and crazy sport that will make any adrenaline junkie smile from ear to ear. Using a parachute-like kite to capture thermal breezes that can be found frequently along coastal areas, kite surfers have mastered this art well enough to stay vertical for an extended period of time, hitting speeds as high as ninety kilometres per hour. Many though, simply opt to use swells in the oceans as jumps, going airborne to accomplish amazing tricks and insane airtime that the lift of the winds make possible.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Taking a board that that resembles a surfboard and paddling it out into the middle of a flat lake or ocean while standing on it is definitely one of the more quirky sports trends of recent years, but its all-round popularity have meant that this easy to learn activity is here to stay.  SUP boards differ from surfboards in their length and construction, as SUP’s tend to be much longer than a surfboard, as they can exceed 12 feet in length, and are made of hollow wood rather than high density foam with an epoxy resin finish.


Organized by a man who philosophically disagreed with how most workout programs were run, Crossfit has made its impression on the world, with over 9,000 licenced gyms. While CrossFit is technically a fitness discipline rather than a sport, the extreme vein of competition that runs through this ego-fuelled world has turned its regimens into actual organized games. Those that join this fitness universe won’t just be getting fit, they’ll be joining a tribe of sorts, as Crossfitters often see this regimen as an integral part of their psyche, and as an extended family.


Simply referring to a form of fighting where practitioners come at each other with varying styles of combat, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the world’s hottest and fastest growing sports. The best recognized provider of this sport is the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), with the slate of titles up for grabs just as in boxing. Those seeking to incorporate MMA into their lives usually start by learning Brazilian Ju Jitsu, a martial art that most UFC fighters are well versed in.