What is Glamping?



After a long, arduous winter, outdoor lovers everywhere are raring to get out into the outstanding landscapes that Mother Nature has to offer. Whether you enjoy perspective-shifting mountain vistas, the serenity of an enchanted forest, or bearing witness to the raw power of the ocean, the act of camping is an experience that fosters a deeper connection to our environment, one that is often lacking in urban areas.

While you have always enjoyed these rustic vacations, recent developments in the camping genre have intrigued you as a new way to experience the outdoors has emerged for those that crave creature comforts. This rapidly growing niche in the outdoor recreation industry is known as glamping, where resorts like The Ranch At Rock Creek (link:  The Ranch at Rock Creek) match outstanding natural environments with reinforced tents/cabins that have aspects that will lure even the most hardcore urbanite into the wild.

Considering the discomforts associated with damp, chilly nights on the hard ground, you are beginning to realize that you aren’t getting any younger, and besides, what’s wrong with indulging in a little luxury every once in a while?

In case you are still a little hesitant to try out glamping, we will delve deeper into the details of what this luxurious offshoot of camping involves, as its amenities will prove to be too alluring to resist!

No poles or pegs to wrestle with

When you go glamping, you don’t have to worry about the stress-inducing process of setting up a tent, which often involves inserting finicky poles through the outer tent frame, and pounding pegs into a patch of earth that may or may not hold when the wind picks up.  As a glamper, your professionally set up tent or cabin will be ready for you and your family upon arrival, with no exasperating labour required on your part.

Your back will love you for choosing glamping over camping

The time-honored tradition of laying out a sleeping bag on a skimpy foam pad may have been romanticized over the years by outdoor enthusiasts, but let’s be clear: your body hates it.  Your back hates being subjected to the hard, unforgiving ground, and with trips in recent years ending with increasing incidences of aches and pains, your brain is starting to get the message. Glamping accommodations offer mattresses that treat your body with the respect it deserves, which is a key concern for you at this stage in your life.

A variety of atmospheric environments await you

While this is certainly true with respect to the outdoor attractions that will still serve as the focal point of your vacation, the excitement of a glamping trip doesn’t stop when you retire for the night.  While traditional tents are strictly functional, there is an endless variety of glamping experiences that you can have.  Mongolian-inspired yurts, alpine styled huts, and even that tree house that you have always dreamed of having when you were a kid are all possibilities, as there is no shortage of the distinctive abodes that can serve as highlights in your action-packed outdoor vacation.

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