5 Tokyo Experiences You Won’t Want to Miss

Planning a trip to Tokyo? You might wonder where to start in a place that is often described as a city of cities. Whether to hang out in the glitzy surroundings of the Ginza upmarket shopping district or go down the authentic route and seek out hole-in-the-wall noodle shops and neon-lit karaoke bars is the big question. And choosing a hotel in Tokyo to stay at can seem just as difficult. But however you plan to spend your time in the Japanese capital, here are five Tokyo experiences that you won’t want to miss.

Tuck Into a Sushi Breakfast at the Tsukiji Fish Market

Sushi bars are plentiful in Tokyo but while in Tokyo you really should tuck into the morning catch at least once during your stay. You’ll have to be something of a morning person to visit the Tsukiji fish market — the world’s largest and busiest market of its kind — but the early start is worth it for the experience alone. Head to the market’s restaurant area near Shin-Ohashi Street to indulge.

Make a Wish at the Meiji Shrine

Culture fans can’t fail but be impressed by the number of shrines in Tokyo, but the Meiji Shrine has long since claimed a world-renowned title. Tie your written wish to the prayer wall then set off to explore the beautiful old forest, traditional tea house, and lily garden. Watch out for Miya Mari ceremonies and weddings taking place during your visit.

Enjoy a Stroll Through a Tokyo Park


Checking out the cherry blossoms in spring is one of the core Tokyo experiences you won't want to miss!

Photo by Hamish Martin via Trover.com

With such little room to manoeuvre in the city, Tokyo parks offer a welcome break from the endless hustle and bustle. Head to the east side of Yoyogi Park on Sundays to watch the locals pimping their various unusual talents. The Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden has a more tranquil vibe. Visit in early April to catch the best of the cherry blossom season.

Experience Organised Chaos on the Shibuya Crossing

If there’s one experience that will give you an authentic Tokyo feeling, it’s crossing the city’s famous intersection. Wait outside Shibuya Station, and when the lights turn red to stop the traffic, enter the melee that is more commonly known as “The Scramble.” Visit Shibuya Crossing on Friday or Saturday night after dark to add a little neon bliss to your experience.

Admire the City Views

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that offer the most reward. The simple life in Tokyo comes in the form of checking out the city views. Spots with the best vistas include the open-air Sky Deck on Mori Tower’s 54th floor and the Roppongi observation desk on the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices.  

Smart travelers seek out the best travel deals, so they have more of their budget left to enjoy the city’s plentiful attractions. Find the most tempting deals on flights to Tokyo and discover insider information about area hotels. If you have ideas about your own essential Tokyo experiences, we’d love to hear about them. Share your best travel tips in the comments section below.