Rums of Puerto Rico: Party Starting for almost 500 years!

Rums of Puerto Rico has a storied history on the beautiful island nation that is both part of the USA, but still worlds away. One of the oldest Spanish colonies in the Americas, Puerto Rico has a rich heritage comprised of many different types of people that have passed over its tropical lands for thousands of years. Part Caribbean, Part Spanish, Part American, Puerto Rico offers the best of all worlds for those lucky enough to visit.

Rums of Puerto Rico produced a great little short for the history channel. They go on to share that their company has been producing premium Caribbean rums for more than 450 years. The focus of the video was on the history of rubber ball sports. In the 16th century, Spanish conquistadors took a group of Aztec men from Mexico across the ocean back to Spain to showcase an ancient game they used to play.

The Spanish were very impressed with the game, not so much for the foreign men and the actual sport, but for the fact that the ball they were using bounced which had never been seen before. The ball the Azetc men used was made from rubber and they are thought to be the first to use rubber for creating balls.

The rest of the video shows the narrator talking about how other sports using rubber balls evolved including baseball, basketball, soccer and American football.

The video was very well made and at the end, the narrator heads out of some doors to a full-fledged party showing how Rums of Puerto Rico has been an integral part of the celebratory part of every sport for the better part of 500 years. After the party scene, a new rum drink is featured called, “The Ball Game”, which is inspired by the invention of sports.