Must See Attractions in Phuket

I’ve been in Thailand for a few years now and one place that will always have my heart is Phuket, an island just off the south west coast of Thailand. I have taken advantage of plenty of Phuket villa rentals over the years and headed down from my base in Bangkok for some interesting, fun and crazy weekends, sometimes all at once. I’ve noticed a real change over the years in the tourism in Phuket and having swayed between the luxury jet-setters and the backpackers looking for a party, the island now seems to be a beautiful combination between the two.

More and more people are visiting the island every year, mostly as part of a tour around Thailand and if you are considering a visit to this beautiful country then a trip to Phuket is highly recommended. Aside from the madness that Phuket can offer, the all-night beach parties, the crazy adventures and the mayhem that exists in Patong, aka party central, the island has much, much more to offer and if you are planning a trip there then here are some of the attractions which you simply must see.

Phang Nga Bay

Head to the north of the island and take one of the many boat trips out to Phang Nga Bay, a place where you will find tranquility from the madness of the island and get to sail the day away across those gorgeous Thai waters. Throughout the tour here you will stop off at the likes of James Bond island where you can enjoy pure seclusion on the isolated beaches that can be found all around the limestone islands.

Bangla Road at Night

Patong, even if you are not the partying type, simply must be visited during your time in Phuket and the best place to go is Bangla Road, at night. To enjoy the nocturnal lifestyle of this region of Phuket you will need an open mind, a sense of humor and quite a substantial amount of energy. Bars and clubs in Patong are lively to say the least and you can expect an all-out attack on each of your senses when walking down Bangla Road on an evening.

Old Phuket Town

It’s important not to forget the culture when you are in Phuket, it is not all hangover drinks at the beach and cabaret shows by night and Old Phuket Town is a great place to indulge your inner culture vulture. Here you will see a real mixture of both colonial and Thai architecture, museums and plenty of local sites that will remind you a little about the history of the island and its inhabitants throughout the years.

Phuket Temples, Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is one of the most important temples throughout Thailand and each year who flock to see the intricate glasswork that fill the many pagodas. I once had the ‘seen one temple you’ve seen them all’ opinion but having visited the beautiful temple of Wat Chalong, I soon changed my stance.

The Big Buddha at Chalong

Whilst you are in Chalong you should go and visit the Big Buddha, the Colossus of Rhodes of the modern age and a magnificent piece of human engineering. You can see the 45 meter statue from the majority of southern Phuket but it is far more impressive up close and in order to see the statue you will drive up to a high point which also offers stunning views across the island.

Phi Phi Island

This is the poster child of Thai islands and as much as I prefer to stay away from those ‘popular’ places, I simply cannot get enough of Phi Phi island and I’d recommend that you spend at least two nights there. The allure of Phi Phi is very simple, it is stunningly beautiful and in all honest I am stuck for the sufficient amount of superlatives to describe it, most of them simply won’t do it justice. Blue waters, white sands, rigged cliffs jutting out left, right and center and the most stunning sunset that you are likely to witness anywhere in the World. Save me the trouble of trying to describe this incredible place and go and see it yourself.

See a Muay Thai Show

Saphan Hin Stadium in Phuket Town regularly hosts Muay Thai battles, a martial art that has grown from Thailand to gaining worldwide popularity and a style that will leave you out of breath just watching it. The fights are not just about a bloodbath and this style of martial arts also brings with it a respect and honor, see it for yourself in the center of Phuket.

For anyone planning a trip to Thailand, Phuket should be in the top 3 destinations at the top of your list when planning your itinerary and these are just some of the things that you should do when you get there.