Marital troubles of the rich and famous: what can go wrong when you have it all

Kourtney Kardashian is no stranger to Marital troubles ... photo by CC user Bettina Cirone on wikimedia commons

Despite seemingly having it all, there are so many famous couples in the public eye whose suffer from marital troubles. What is it about being rich and famous that makes a couple more susceptible to having their relationship fall apart?

In the paragraphs that follow, we will discuss the myriad of ways that a Hollywood relationship can unravel…

Taking work stress home

Making movies is not as easy as it seems, as actors and actresses are made to play out a scene over and over over the course of several hours in order to get the right shot, or the right vocal intonation of a crucial line.

As you can imagine, this places an enormous amount of physical and psychological stress on them, as the success of a multi-million dollar operation rests on their shoulders.

Too often, they bring their frustrations home with them from the set, which can inadvertently lead to them taking them out on their partners.

If they have kids, they can end up bearing witness to this ugly but common scene, which can lead to further drama that can ultimately endanger the entire marriage.

Going long periods without seeing each other

A reality of the modern film industry can mean that one or both members in a Hollywood relationship can be on opposite ends of the world for months at a time.

While the miracle of modern technology has made these hardships easier to bear thanks to services like Skype, the lack of physical intimacy inevitably takes its toll on both sides with every week that goes by.

Meeting up can be very difficult or impossible during these times, and busy periods in filming can lead to a loss of phone or Skype contact that can leave one half of the relationship to question the commitment of the other side. Loneliness or animosity can build, creating the ingredients for a separation.

Not learning how to manage large quantities of money

Becoming an A-list actor in Hollywood is a moon shot for even the most talented among us, so when the fortunate few make it, they can forget the limitations that make them human, one of which can be a lack of money management skills.

Whether it is a desire to keep up with the Joneses of Beverly Hills, taking financial advice from unscrupulous individuals, or simply giving into greedy impulses, sky high bank balances can quickly evaporate, leading supposedly high-flying couples into a situation that many normal couples confront everyday.

However, in the case of famous Hollywood marriages, the numbers involved are much bigger, and the resultant stress on their relationship is much greater as well. Unsurprisingly, this ends up being a trigger for many Hollywood divorces.

They give in to the same desires that tempt us all

Whether your name is Gavin Rossdale or Jane Smith, that pretty/handsome blonde sitting alone at the bar presents very real temptation to someone has been in an established relationship for a long time.

Friendly words are exchanged, drinks are bought, and before you know it, they end up together in a hotel room.

Lust can lead to carelessness, and as a result of this, the paparazzi often snag a quick photo of the tryst in motion. A few days later, the headlines announcing the affair are all over the papers.

Shortly thereafter, motions filed by a family solicitor experienced in divorce proceedings usually follow, and another shattered Hollywood relationship leaves us shaking our heads and wondering, where did it all go wrong?