Looking for excitement in 2016? Try these new activities!

Looking for excitement in 2016? World travel is a great way of finding it ... photo by CC user Wilerson S Andrade on Flickr

Has 2015 let you down in the excitement department? With a new year rapidly approaching, you can resolve to up the tempo of your life via several different methods. Below, we will discuss three of them if you are looking for excitement this coming year…

1) Travel overseas for longer than two weeks

At this point in time, the world may seem like a scary place, but if you find yourself thinking like that, turn off your TV and check out some hard stats that reveal how safe it actually is to move about them world.

Millions of journeys occur everyday without incident, making the events that you hear about a very small percentage of the total. What’s more, you should try and break out of the mold of two week vacations this year, and plan something a bit more epic.

It should take a month or two to complete, and it will allow you to observe cultures and ways of living more effectively than spending a week or two plopped down on your all-inclusive’s sun lounger. You might have to do a bit of negotiating with your employer to make this happen, but if this is the only extended trip you do until retirement, you’ll glad you did it.

When either something happens that makes overseas travel impossible for you, or you are too old to do many of the activities in foreign lands that you have always dreamed about, you’ll always be able to look back on that time without regret.

2) Get into online gaming

What do you use your computer for? If you’re just using them solely for work, you’re ignoring the greater potential that it has to transform your life.

Entertainment is one such way, and while there are many games out there on the net to keep you occupied, none have the capacity to change your life in a single play in the way that sites like netbet.co.uk do.

As long as you make use of a bankroll that you can afford to lose in any given session, not only will it grant you hours of thrills, you might hit life-changing money at any time. Just the same, play responsibly.

3) Join a sports league

Feeling bored and listless lately? Nothing can change around your energy levels quite like getting your body moving, so resolve to join a sports team via a local league in 2016.

The reason that many people quit exercise programs after the New Years is that they lack a fun context in which to exercise, and when you go it alone, you lack the external motivation that having others alongside you can provide.

Not only that, but playing on a team provides you with dozens of potential new friends. Get fit and banish loneliness from your life … sign us up!