Karndean Is A Step In The Right Direction

Durability is a prominent word in the discussion of home renovations and interior design, but how can we achieve it in our homes and can flooring be durable?

When we think of durable flooring for homes we think of strong, expertly manufactured design which meets all the needs of our modern lifestyles. Durability is one of the most common words when referring to luxury vinyl flooring in Karndean collections.

Why is Karndean so durable and why do so many home owners and expert interior designer advocate it?

First of all, Karndean is a brand with 40 years of dominance in the flooring market. Karndean is the gift that keeps on giving with luxury vinyl tiles and planks of all colours, texture styles and sizes. The timeline of Karndean’s evolution has witness authentic materials and laminate flooring become the inferior flooring option and vinyl flooring dominate the market.

Karndean has maintained its leading position in the market over the years by providing authentic styled oak or stone vinyl flooring options, which are remarkably versatile and highly durable. Karndean’s artistically named collection offer a rich selection of wood, stone and tile design which are luxuriously toned with precision.

There is a lot of evidence to show that Karndean has spent time perfecting the durability of their flooring products. Every Karndean plank and tile comes with a surface layer PU coating which aids prevention against dirt and debris. Accidents involving liquids are easily taken care of by quickly wiping for droplets or a mop for larger spills. The protective surface layer means that your flooring is immune to stains, scuffs and scratches.

Karndean works with any design scheme you may have in mind for your space. The specifications perfectly elaborate how Karndean is able to cope with heavy furniture, appliances and even your favourite pair of shoes. For instance, when the potential for dents or scratches occurs Karndean plank and tiles can make it look as though nothing ever happened because there will be no dents and no scratches visible, meaning your room design is always in perfect form.

Taking all those facts into account, all you need to do to embrace Karndean in your home is start planning flooring design. Karndean lovers opt for the Da Vinci range as it gives you ultimate design freedom for £15.99 spm. If you’re ready to join the flooring revolution, then bring Karndean home.