Top Tips to Designing a Great Homepage

Want to learn what goes into designing a great homepage? Sure you do!

When it comes to the art of creating a website, one of the first problems that springs to mind is the design layout of the site. There is no quick fix design that is guaranteed to work, but rather a deceptively tricky process that needs to be fully understood before one can set about creating their site.

It is important to do your research, understanding the dynamics and norms that are attached to a great website design. Only once you have a full understanding of what transforms a good website into a great one, can you achieve the best. There are many tips and hints floating around as to what constitutes a great design, so we decided to hear from the people behind Pokies Palace, one of the leading names in online casinos, in order to hear what they consider to be the most important characteristics to keep in mind.

For them, one of the most fundamentally important features related to designing a great homepage is an exciting landing page that is easy to understand, accompanied by a stylish header that allows for quick and easy navigation.

It is clear to understand why the design of your homepage is of such extreme importance, considering the fact that it will usually be the first introduction your user receives to your website. It is on this page that you should inform the user as to what the main aim of the website is.

Statistics say that most people spend between 10-20 seconds on a website before deciding whether they wish to stay or move on. If your homepage doesn’t show your user what they can expect from the website, in a clear and easy to understand way, then chances are the user will not stay on it for very long.

It is also important that your homepage doesn’t feel cluttered, for if the user is confused as to where to go, they will move onto another site that is easier to follow.

Your main header is also extremely important as this is where the user will look to in order to navigate their way around the site. If they feel that the header is confusing, with unclear buttons, they will definitely not stay for long. The header is also usually the main thing that the user remembers about your site, so it is never a bad idea to add an easily recognizable logo.

This will help your website to stand out, increasing the chance that the user will actually remain on your website, and even return to it at a later stage.