5 Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas On The Cheap

Looking to decorate your home for Christmas this year on the cheap? These tips will come in handy... photo by CC user colley on Flickr

With Christmas approaching at a neck breaking speed, most people are already wondering how to decorate their homes for the festivities in this economy. However, Christmas decorations do not need to eat up your savings, and your home does not need to remain dull either.

You can be creative and spruce up your home with items lying around your house. You can decorate your home with past Christmas decorations, items from your backyard or kitchen. Use details such as candles, reds, greens and gold to bring out the colors for Christmas. Whether you are artistic or not, decorating your home for Christmas need not be a daunting task. Here are some ideas from the Tiny Box Company to decorate your home for Christmas on the cheap…


Take a walk outside your house, gather natural items such as evergreen branches, holly berries, and pine cones. Use spray paint to paint the nuts and cones in gold or crystal whites and arrange the results in holiday baskets or glass bowls from your kitchen for sophisticated festive look. Arrange cut pine boughs on your mantel along with colorful bows and candles.


One of the ways of being economical is to reuse. Collect items such as cards, ribbons, ornaments, pine cones from past Christmases, and reuse them to create a festive mood in your house. Arrange the Christmas cards on the mantel or bookshelves fill a glass jar or bowl with colorful Christmas ornaments and pinecones for a festive centerpiece. Arrange pillar candles in groupings on end tables and let the smaller ones float in a shallow bowl of water. Hang holiday cookie cutters, ornaments with cords on windows with different lengths. The cords should have the hues of Christmas such as red, gold and green.


Use ordinary food items such as oranges, popcorns and cranberries as decorations in your home. They not only make your home appear festive, but also add a sweet aroma to your home. Stud oranges with whole cloves and arrange them in a basket or bowl with golden ribbon, they add beauty to your arrangement and citrus scents in the home. Use a sharp needle to string popped up popcorn and whole cranberries as garlands. Decorate holiday cookies and hang them on colorful cords on windows or use them to decorate a wreath.


Use inexpensive fabric in gold and red and cut into different lengths to hang candy canes and ornaments on the windows or from the ceiling. Use the fabric to different sizes of bows to use instead of ornaments on Christmas tree branches. Use ribbons to decorate glasses, lampshades or throw pillows to add a Christmas touch to every part of the house.


Do not wait for comments about your artistic decorations, walk out of the house, close your eyes and imagine remember what your house looked before, then walk back in and admire every detail of your work. After you have enjoyed the works of your hands, you can now invite others to admire your budget holiday decorations.