The Benefits Of Using Credit Card Comparison Sites


If you’re like me, you probably have had the same credit card or cards in your wallet or purse for the past 4 or 5 years now. Yes, I’ve thought about investigating the other cards that are out there, just like you may have. But the prospect of going on four or five different card sites and writing down the features and benefits of each one on a piece of scrap paper and then trying to compare them in an intelligent way just seemed too daunting a task. So I sat contentedly with my card, thinking- aren’t all cards pretty much the same for someone in my credit category anyway? So why go through the hassle of looking? I’ve got better things to do with my time.

But boy, was I wrong. For instance, I discovered after doing a little checking on the internet that there are actually websites out there like for instance, that make it easy to do a credit card comparison. It would almost be a financial crime not to use them. These sites allowed me to see if there was a card out there that maybe gave me a lower interest rate on my balances, and better cash back benefits to boot. The idea is so deceptively simple, that I wondered why no one came up with this before.

These sites let you do a side-by-side comparison of interest rates on balance transfers and new balances, plus let you pick the benefits that you like to have most with a card-whether it be dining and travel points you earn with purchases or else just simply cash back. In my case, it’s cash back. To my amazement, I learned that there are actually cards out there that have no limit whatsoever on the amount of cash they will give you back. My current card had a limit of $300. I also learned that for those more interested in points for things like gas, utilities, and groceries, there are cards available for those things with no limit on points as well. The process is incredibly easy, especially at You can search by a few different parameters- credit rating, type of card (business or student), no annual fee, or by the reward you are seeking- airline miles, hotel, cash back or even gasoline. Then up pops a list of cards and their features and benefits for you to pick from.

And if you’re a businessperson or a student, unlike a regular Joe consumer like me, these sites also make it easy for you guys to do side-by-sides with a click of the mouse. I showed my son, who is in college, that a quick perusal by me of student cards showed at least two cards out there with a lower interest rate than he’s currently paying and with a lower annual fee as well. He was tickled pink and was able to apply for these other cards right on the site itself. What could be easier?

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So, whether you’re an individual, a businessperson who is seeking a higher spending limit on their credit card to make necessary purchases for their business, or a student just starting out at college- credit card comparison sites are the way to go to make searching for the best possible card for your needs the most pain-free and simple way imaginable. Take it from someone who’s been there.

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