Why BMW’s Make Great Fleet Cars!

Whether you are at the stage in the growth of your startup where you need to begin purchasing vehicles to move your personnel around your area, or if you are an established company that is looking to replace your existing fleet with cars that are both reliable and cost effective, then procuring them from a trusted reputable brand is a stylish way to achieve either end.

One of these noted brands that you should consider in your search is BMW. While BMW does sell their vehicles at a premium, the quality that you will receive in return for making your company’s car fleet a BMW company car fleet will distinguish you from your competition, and confer upon you benefits that will make your company money in the long run.  Let’s review a few of those reasons below:

bmw in the UK

1) They are CO2 efficient

In this day and age of runaway climate change, it is up to each and every individual to do their part to stem the tide of rising carbon emissions. BMW helps you do that, as many of the vehicles they sell are either highly efficient diesels, or they contain hybrid technology that draws a great deal of its power from the electrical grid instead from burning petrol.

Another angle of this problem is that company managers have had to deal with carbon tax schemes that have been put in place to reward companies/consumers that drive low carbon emission vehicles, while punishing those that insist on sticking with petrol guzzling models.  Most BMW models available for commercial sale have a low figure on this sliding scale, thus reducing the amount of carbon tax you would have to pay.

2) Save money on lower petrol consumption

With the highly efficient mechanics of the latest line of BMW cars comes the promise of fewer trips to the petrol station. With UK petrol prices ranking amidst the highest rates in the world, wringing more miles out of every tank will net your company thousands of extra cash per year.  This newly found cash can be rolled back into your business, allowing you to purchase equipment, bring in badly needed staff that you can now afford, or treat the entire office to a fatter bonus at Christmas time. What will you do with the money that you save?

3) Intelligent safety systems that will keep your staff in one piece

With each new model of BMW, they reach a new echelon of safety and security that only adds to the amazing value realised by purchasing one. The intelligent safety system that is standard in new BMW’s sold to corporate clients assesses the nature of a crash in less than a blink of an eye, inflating side, driver and passenger airbags to the appropriate degree to provide protection, while decreasing the chance of an unintended injury during airbag deployment.

Also providing additional safety is a seat belt tensioner that will keep you securely anchored in place as a crash unfolds; while the fuel pump shuts down to help prevent fire from being a threat in its immediate aftermath.

4) Enhance your brand by using theirs

In the highly competitive business environment present today, the littlest details can seal a multi-million pound business deal.  When you roll up to your prospective client’s office in a stunning new model BMW, you are establishing in their mind that you are a sophisticated operator that can be trusted to get the job done right.

While you may have all the right stuff professionally with your current choice of vehicle, companies that are less capable than you, nail down deals using image hacks like this every day.  It’s time to step up your game.