10 Wonderful European Nations for Expats


Switzerland is one of the more beautiful European nations for expats ... photo by CC user MadGeographer on wikipedia.org

If you are thinking of migrating to a nation in Europe, it is important to learn about the countries considered most welcoming for the expatriate life.

Fortunately for you, there are numerous European nations for expats that make great places to settle permanently. Although moving to a foreign country involves a lot of work – from setting up new bank accounts to doing some research and switching your current account, to researching your options in healthcare in your new residence, it’s often an extremely rewarding experience for people.

1. Switzerland. Switzerland is a wonderful European nation for people who want to start afresh. The central European locale boasts wondrous cuisine, skiing and beautiful scenery. Despite recent setbacks, the economic situation in Switzerland is forecasted to recover within the year.

2. Belgium. Belgium is a great destination for expats, with everything from superb medical care to a great environment for children on its side. The Western European nation also has comparatively low violent crime rates.

3. Russia. If you’d like to relocate to a European nation that’s chock-full of quality entertainment, then vast Russia may be a smart choice for you. People who enjoy socialising are sure to appreciate time in Russia, where it tends to be very easy for people to make new friends. Education and childcare are usually both strong in Russia, too.

4. Germany. Germany is an excellent nation for rearing children. It’s very safe and doesn’t have much crime. The German government tends to be secure and steadfast, too. Lastly, the country has a relatively good economy.

5. Netherlands. The Netherlands is an ideal nation for people who enjoy outdoor activities. People in this western European country often get around by bicycle, after all. The Netherlands is also convenient because many of the locals have strong grasps of the English language.

6. Luxembourg. Luxembourg is a tiny country that’s absolutely terrific for expats who want to enjoy career success. If you want to thrive in work in a European nation, then this safe landlocked nation may be ideal for you.

7. Spain. Spain is a dream destination for expats courtesy of its sunny and warm climate. People who are tired of living in constant cold temperatures are sure to appreciate the change the relaxed Spanish lifestyle brings.

8. Austria. Austria is a particularly strong choice for expats who have kids. Buses in the nation are actually equipped with designated sections for strollers. The capital city Vienna also has numerous international schools.

9. Ireland. Despite the fact that Ireland often has wet and somewhat gloomy weather, it is considered a lovely expat destination. This is because of its strong healthcare system, minimal crime and fantastic work benefits. It even has a vibrant nightlife scene, partly due to tourists looking to have a great time in the nation of their ancestors.

10. Malta. Malta, located in the central Mediterranean, has a laid-back Southern European charm that’s extremely welcoming to expatriates. Since the sunny nation used to be a colony of the United Kingdom, many people there speak English perfectly, too.