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Technology Upgrade and Why It Matters

Having high-technology devices at home have proved to be more than just a convenience for us. They help us accomplish things that are usually hard to do on our own. They assist us in doing simple house chores. They can even be more like an assistant that obeys our requests without question. However, by not replacing or upgrading technology, you might experience what they call performance issues as time goes by. All technology, after a long time, can have a decline in its performance, and taking

Using the internet to manage and improve personal finance

It must be almost impossible for any “digital native” to understand what life was like before the internet revolutionized our daily lives. If you are anything under 30 years of age, you probably can't imagine a time when almost any piece of information you might need to find wasn't literally at your fingertips, as long as you had a device in your hands that was online, of course! Although there are some areas of daily life that are still untouched by the internet, personal finance management

How slot machines have evolved over time

If you have spent an evening in a casino recently, you'll know that the most dominant game in terms of availability, and excitement that surrounds it is none other than the slot machine. Being a fixture in these establishments for over a century, they have seen many forms over their life. Want to know how slot machines have evolved over time? This post outlines how they have gone from a humble three reel contraption to the complex but endlessly fun experience they are today. Origins of

A Brief History of How We Connect to the Internet

We've come a long way since the days when the internet was merely a finite series of connection between corporate and military mainframe computers. Today, a pocket calculator has more computing power than the machines of that period, and yet, it is so easy to forget how far we've come in so little time. Take a step back into the past with us, as we show a brief history of how we connect to the internet, from the age of the mainframes to the modern era. 1958: The modem is born In 1958,