Stay active and save money on Yoga classes with Groupon

It can be a challenge to stay in shape when you can't even afford to go to the gym. Your options are limited to doing work outs at home or going for More »

Unique Travel Ideas: Vacationing in the State Capitals

Planning a vacation is a delicate process. Traveling is expensive, so it's imperative that your time is spent somewhere that will reward you for the effort you put in to get there More »

Ancient Roman Temple Discovered in Miami!

How did an ancient Roman building appear in Miami? Miami, FL - An ancient structure was just discovered behind the Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami, and it appears to have many classical More »

Why BMW’s Make Great Fleet Cars!

Whether you are at the stage in the growth of your startup where you need to begin purchasing vehicles to move your personnel around your area, or if you are an established More »

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If I exercise at a lower intensity, will I burn more fat?

Anyone who has been in a gym within the past 25 years has seen it. You know, that little easy-to-read chart on every piece of cardio equipment with the perfectly linear trend More »


How to Make Your Events More Memorable

Events are opportunities for us to see loved ones, friends, co-workers and other important people in our lives that we perhaps have not seen in quite a while, to share a meal, and some great conversation. Many events are minor affairs that are about coming together for a short period of time and enjoying the camaraderie, while others are more important ant signify something special. For those more special events, you want to make them memorable and to accomplish this if you are planning one,

Special Offers and VIP Tickets from New Borussia Dortmund and GMO Trading Partnership

The new regional marketing partnership that has been executed by global investment firm GMO Trading and eight time Bundesliga football champions Borussia Dortmund will provide some heavy benefits for clients of GMO’s online CFDs trading platform. The two partners have agreed to a marketing deal that runs through the current 2018-19 season and will include market throughout Europe with the exception of Germany. The focus of the agreement will be to work together to market the GMO Trading

Have Fun With Your Four-Legged Friends in Redlands

Life is always better with your best friend. Especially if your best friend happens to be covered in fur and walks on all fours. Nowadays, most places cater to your pup's every whim, and there's no shortage of such places in Redlands, California. From parks designated just for dogs to restaurants and boutiques, there's something for those who love traveling with their pooch in tow. A Park for Friends The Redlands Dog Park is located at 955 Parkford Drive, next to Ford Park. it's open every

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in San Francisco

San Francisco is the perfect place to spend a romantic weekend. There are plenty of sights, attractions, and restaurants. They also have some of the best hotels in the United States. Here are some suggestions for a romantic weekend in San Francisco. Spa Day The first stop on the itinerary is Nob Hill Spa. This is a top-rated spa that offers couple massages or champagne by the pool. After the spa, dinner at the Altovino is in order. It takes just a short cable ride to this romantic dining experience.

Make Modifications to These Key Areas of Your Older Parent’s Home

As our parents get older they lose much of their sight, reflexes, dexterity and mobility. And as a result, we have to be careful that their homes do not become overly dangerous or difficult for them to get around. As caring children, we need to regularly give their homes an inspection and look for anything that might cause undo strain or present a hazard. Here are some key areas of their homes to focus on for the good health and safety of our elderly loved ones. Consider a Stair Lift Many